About The G.O.S.


The Gathering of Styles is an organization which is dedicated to bringing together a diverse collection of martial arts instructors from all over the world to produce entertaining and educational  events which benefit the martial arts community as a whole.

This organization is not about the promotion of any particular style or individual but we do provide a strong platform to leading educators, enabling them to showcase their knowledge, reach out to new students and build a network with other leaders in this community.


What We Do


We handle the marketing, lodging, logistics and scheduling of every

detail for the events. This includes international destinations as well.

We interview, book and transport different participating “Master” level teachers or demonstrators  to each event.

We organize, book and provide an appropriate venue for the demonstrators  and the audience to have the best learning experience possible.  And we do this at a location which provides comfortable lodging and catered meals for the event. Finally, we honor the teachers with an evening banquet after each  major event.



Learning and Growing


The G.O.S. is an annual event designed to bring together the diverse collection of people and disciplines from all over our martial arts community. Interest in our organization is growing and our following is increasing every year.


Our educators look forward to participating each year and our programs keep expanding from new special instructional classes for kids to special oversees training trips to Okinawa, Japan for adults.


We are reaching out to new people everyday online and through social media and the leading industry experts are taking notice.


We aim to grow this organization into an international force on behalf of the entire martial art’s community. Our intention is to grow martial arts membership everywhere while strengthening the bond between educators and members with networking and skill venues that bring them together in cooperation, not competition.


Our Educators

Jack Dark, VA

Clarence Murray, MD

Ali Shabazz, MD

Don Rodrigues, RI

Al Gagne, RI

Frank Shekosky, CN

Eric Cruz, MA

Carlos DeLaCruz, RI

Dennis Blackwell, MA

Lee Smith, MA

Ron Martin, NH

Rocky DiReco, MA

Chris Dacey, RI

Thomas Hetu, RI

Larry Martin, RI

Troy Price, NC

Dennis Brown, MD

Rob Buckland, ME

Brent Crisci, ME

Alex Ziwack, CN



Dan Medina, AZ

Eddie Thomas, VA

John Lima, MA

Hector Rodriguez, CN

Bobby Ladra, MD

Hondelero, OH

Bill Wallace, FL

Willie Johnson, MD

Sam Scott, MD

David James, NY

Richard Petronelli, RI

Apolo Ladra, MD

Thomas Gettling, NY

William Rankin, FL

Roberto Torres, FL

Gary Lachapelle, MA

Ron Lee, MA

Nathan Porter, MA

Kirsten “Peaches” Constable, MA


Gathering of Styles

The Gathering of Styles is A Certified 501C Charity.

It supports the entire martial arts community with educational events, marketing platforms and networking opportunities for all participants. The GOS is dedicated to the development of martial arts teachers and students, everywhere.

624 Cottage Street, Apt2.

New Bedford, MA 02740


Phone: 631.455.8007

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