The Gathering of Styles is an annual event designed to bring together the diverse

collection of people and disciplines from all over our martial arts community.

The Gathering of Styles is an organization which is dedicated to bringing together a diverse collection of martial arts instructors from all over the world to produce entertaining and educational  events which benefit the martial arts community as a whole.

This organization is not about the promotion of any particular style or individual but we do provide a strong platform to leading educators, enabling them to showcase their knowledge, reach out to new students and build a network with other leaders in this community.


We hope you will find the time to join us and become a part of our mutual goal to achieve awareness, growth, knowledge, understanding and shared prosperity.



Gathering of Styles

The Gathering of Styles is A Certified 501C Charity.

It supports the entire martial arts community with educational events, marketing platforms and networking opportunities for all participants. The GOS is dedicated to the development of martial arts teachers and students, everywhere.

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